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Interlude : New Epic Oneshot [Soon!]
Some of you have asked me for new stories and yes, I've been working on something that I want to finish before posting it. It's already around 10k words and I haven't gotten to the good part. By the end it should be around 25k. Meanwhile, you can tell me what you think about this little teaser.

In which Puck is a CIA agent and Rachel a PI who hasn't told anyone about her job...

[Spoiler (click to open)]“Shoot me,” he spat, almost laughing. “But if I were you, I wouldn’t do it unless you want to get in very serious trouble. And I won’t be around to spank you, naughty girl.”

Her eyes narrowed to slits. Oh, how much she hated him right then. Noah felt it in the air.

“Your threats don’t scare me.”

He heaved a sigh, shaking his head disapprovingly. “You really think I’d travel half the world to steal the few bucks you carry with you? It’d be much easier – and cheap to steal the money by hacking your bank account, don’t you think?”

She blinked at him, opening her mouth to make a retort but nothing came out.

“I thought so.” He lifted a hand and placed it over the gun, quickly maneuvering to take it from her hands before she protested. “Now, I must say I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t because a good little daughter forgot to call her overprotective parents.”

Rachel’s brow furrowed with surprise. “What- How do you know that? Are you a PI as well? Did my parents send you to look for me?”
He hummed, neither affirming nor denying it. “Something like that.”

“I-“ She growled, clearly frustrated. “I can’t call them from Peru! They will realize that I’m not in New York anymore. Plus, they need to learn I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m twenty-seven, for god’s sake.” Folding her arms across her chest, she studied him one second, trying to come up with her next move. “I’ll pay you twice as much if you tell them nothing.”

He snorted a laugh. “Sorry, honey, I can’t do that.”

“What? Why not?” She shrieked. “I’ll pay you in cash if you want.” Noah shook his head, still laughing quietly. “You don’t know them like I do.” Rachel stabbed her chest with her fingers. “I haven’t even been able to tell them about what I truly do for living in the last three years! I had to actually rent a whole theater, pay some people to have an audience and perform for them just so they could leave me alone.” Her head lolled back, as if she was praying for things to change, for this to not be happening. “I can’t even tell them that I’m single because every time they talk to me about this nice guy named Noah who would be just perfect for me, but he truly sounds like a huge, boring dork!”

Noah had to actually purse his lips not to laugh at that.

“I need excitement in my life. I can’t be what they want. Please!” She begged. “I’ll triple it! Last offer.”

He sighed, scrubbing a hand over his jaw. The stubble was pretty noticeable even after only little over a day of not shaving. “Rach, I can’t do that,” he paused for the dramatic effect only, to see that cute, sexy pout on her lips. “I can’t because I’m not being paid to do this.”

Her eyes widened in surprise.

Outstretching his hand, he smiled politely. “Hello. Noah Puckerman, your parents’ terribly boring neighbor. Would you like to share some details about your investigation before or after you call your parents?”

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Yes yes yes!!!! This sounds and looks amaaazzzing!!!! I hope you post it soon.... I've been waiting for ages to read something you've written. .. I can't wait...

Amazing!!!!! Cant wait to read it. You write the best stories. Looking foward to it

Super excited about this, love your writing!

Me likey. Me likey VERY MUCH!

yes yes yesssssssssssssssssssso happppppyy!! can't waitttt to readd this one shott

Sound great. Really looking forward to it.

hey i hope you're doing fine :) just to let you know that i think we all are excited to read your fic!! patience will make it worth it so i'll be patient loool

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